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xxxxxThis is your World. Your world holds unspeakable things. You may not see them, lurking in the shadow; you may not hear them, prowling in the woods; you may not sense them, hidden between the gears of reality; but there are things that go bump in the night, and they watch you, waiting. Some will treat you as food; others will treat you as prey; still others will steal the most fundamental parts of your being.
xxxxxUnless you're one of them. Vampire. Werewolf. Demon. You lurk and either eek out an existence in the fringes of humanity or take it by the throat and attempt to rule it. Either way, you're certainly not human anymore--some of you never were. This is your world too.
xxxxxEldritch is a cooperative, semi-improvisational roleplaying setting for the World of Darkness, by Onyx Path. It supports the first edition of Demon: The Descent and the second editions of Vampire: The Requiem and Werewolf: The Forsaken, in addition to their sub-templates. Eldritch is an attempt to create a story- and character-driven game that explores the themes of each of these games not only by themselves but also in their interaction with each other. It is a full-inclusion, cross-over-friendly game.
xxxxxThere will be politics. There will be murder. There will be espionage. There will be lust and fear; terror and savagery; adventure and techgnosticism. Find a place in our city and tell your story while helping us tell ours. Remember: no character exists in a vacuum, and you have the power to change this world.

Sphere Caps

Sphere Slots Status
Demon 9/19 Closed
Vampire 15/30 Closed
Werewolf 28/30 Closed

Slots indicate how many slots are taken of a total available.

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xxxxxDisclaimer: Some people may recognize some of the language in our Wiki as very similar or in cases nigh-identical to those found on RenoMUSH. This isn't an accident, and we're not claiming them as ours. Eldritch staff procured permission from the owner of RenoMUSH to use their News Files and other such things (with addendums and changes as needed) to both expedite the creation of the game, and also because they were solid and reasonable, and it is the hope of Eldritch staff that having similar policies to other games will in turn further generate a sense of inter-game community, something that the MU*ing world could desperately use. So full props to RenoMUSH for helping us out!