Eldritch's Beautiful People

Some come to Eldritch’s most rarefied social circles by virtue of their money or beauty, or frequently a combination of the two. Some are born to it, West Coast blue bloods with a pedigree to rival that of any Boston debutante. In every case though, it is a mixture of well-heeled wealth and charm that keeps one at the top of the guest list, of course, and in that Eldritch is just like the rest of the world.
xxxxxBy West Coast standards, Eldritch is practically ancient, and consequently there are families in town that have spent generations making a name for themselves here and refining their already blue blood. The Peaslees, The Capwells and even the Bohms are fixtures of High Society in Eldritch. At the same time, with a booming tech industry and the glamor of Hollywood just a short jaunt by jet away, there is a strong new-money contingent of California Royalty here that shines all on their own.

How To Hobnob With The Elite In Eldritch

Any character with Resources 4+ may make a bid for High Society Status in Eldritch. That being said, status is both a mechanical challenge and a weighted vote competition, and has been designed to be a meaningful accomplishment. For your first point of High Society Status, you may open a +request to staff who will have you make an extended Presence + Socialize* roll with a target of 5 successes, and each ‘roll’ equating to a week’s worth of effort. Subsequent attempts to go up in Status may be made no more than one a month thereafter, with the target increasing exponentially each time. So, Level 2 requires 10 successes, Level 3 requires 15, Level 4 requires 20 successes and Level 5 requires 25 successes. Characters who fail the test may re-attempt it after the number of weeks/rolls expended in the attempt elapse.
xxxxxWith requests for levels 2-5, after achieving the required number of successes on an extended roll, all other High Society Status holding characters will be polled to vote yea or nay on the character’s advance.

Eldritch Notables (High Society NPCs)

Bright Young Things (High Society PCs)

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