Government Structure

The city of Eldritch is organized under a Council-Manager system. This means that the City is primarily run by its seven member City Council, who in turn hire a City Manager to administer the day-to-day operations of the City. The City Manager, informed by the legislation and guidance of the Councilmembers, makes many of the decisions related to implementation on his own, but can be replaced at will by the City Council. The City Manager is assisted in day-to-day operations by the Assistant City Manager. Together, along with their executive staff, they oversee the following departments along with a selection of other committees and commissions chartered as concerns dictate:

Eldritch City Departments

  • Arts & Culture
  • Economic Development
  • Emergency Services
  • Environmental Commission
  • Human Services
  • Libraries
  • Planning & Urban Development
  • Port Commission
  • Public Health
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • General Services Agency
    • Animal Care and Control
    • Convention Facilities Management
    • County Clerk
    • Medical Examiner
    • Public Works
    • Purchaser / Office of Contract Administration
    • Department of Technology
  • For bios and information on the City Manager and the Council, go here.

How to Play Politics in Eldritch

Politics can be messy, expensive and time consuming, but for those with the aptitude, the benefits of successfully navigating the treacherous sea of political maneuvering can be very, very rewarding. Characters may be politicians or aspiring politicians themselves, or they may be more interested in being the power and influence behind the faces you see on the nightly news. Either way, this is how to dip you toe in the water before diving in to swim with the sharks...

Contacts – Contacts represent a group or organization that will provide your character with information. Each point represents a different individual group, and it should be noted that contacts only provide information, they do not do favors for the character. Contacts are not individual people, but rather groups. In terms of the area governments of Eldritch, appropriate areas of influence are any of the city departments, the office of the City Manager or that of any of the councilmembers, or the county council as a whole.

Allies – Allies can be groups or individuals, but the relationship between a character and her allies is much deeper and richer than that of a character and his contacts. As such, political allies in Eldritch are a character’s most potent tools. All the elements outlined in the merit description, including favor ratings and the mechanics for allies and contacts blocking are in play, but in the interests of creating a more realistic and dynamic system with an element of competition to it, a few embellishments and guidelines have been added:

  • Political Allies will be individual people. Appropriate allies would include individual councilmembers, not Allies: City Council, or the heads of individual departments within city government. Players are encouraged to be creative – even the newly hired executive assistant to the head of the Department of Planning & Urban Development could be wildly helpful if correctly utilized.
  • Purchase of each level of Allies requires a description of the relationship in a +note and either a successful Social Doors contest or an equivalent rationale (such as the application of specific supernatural powers). There is a wait time of at least two weeks before the character can then attempt to advance that relationship to the next level.
  • Allies are limited and, to a degree, competitive. A character who has a preexisting Ally relationship with an NPC will know when someone else threatens his relationship with that NPC. In mechanical terms, a character with 3 or more points invested with an ally will know when another character develops a relationship with that NPC and have the opportunity to subvert and block the other character’s influence. Just as with the initial purchase, this will typically be accomplished using the Doors system, though certain other powers and techniques may be applicable on a situation by situation basis.

Note: NPCs are always a crap-shoot of sorts. There are aspects to them that may well be unknown to the PCs which may certainly come into play during this process.

Status – Characters that either work in local government or have a particularly close working relationship with local politicians, such as a reporter, campaign manager or party official, will be eligible to purchase status up to a level determined by staff.

Employment! – Characters are welcome to work in City Government. You may app-in a character up to the level of department head or lower. It may be possible for characters to assume a higher position, but only if a vacancy arises and are able to successfully secure the position, possibly as part of a contest. A character must have been approved and active for three months prior to embarking on a quest for high office in Eldritch.