Game Themes

These are the five overarching themes of Eldritch. Inclusion of them in plots and scenes could net you more Experiences, sure, but at their core they are what we want to explore with the game as a whole. The non-mortal game lines each have their own themes and tones, but those found below apply to everyone, indiscriminately and intensely.

It's a Small World After All

In Eldritch, nobody sits atop the heap. That’s because the heap is an ever-shifting sand dune beneath your feet, ready to swallow you whole with its smothering hunger. Werewolf, Demon, Vampire... they’re all struggling merely to keep their heads above the sand, sometimes snapping at each other and other times working in tandem through uneasy alliances. Someday, there might be someone mad enough or foolish enough to turn away from the ever-present task of keeping his own afloat to wreak a horrible vengeance, but it’s likely that neither side will survive that kind of shortsightedness.

This I Will Defend

While full-out war may be tantamount to mutually assured destruction, there are factions within the city that will defend their little patch of hardscrabble dirt to the death. That gang haunting the docks reigns over its four-square blocks with bloodstained pipes and baseball bats that will never see a dugout. Meanwhile, up the hill a coterie of fashion-savvy socialites are just as ruthless in maintaining their spots in the VIP rooms and couture salons of their neighborhood. The two have more in common than you’d think at first glance, because, like most everyone else, they have a little bit of security to call their own in a very unstable world and no intention of ceding it without a fight.

Many a True Word is Spoken in Jest

Truth may be stranger than fiction in most instances, but we intend to give it a run for its money. Rather than being constrained by the merciless dictates of constant ‘realism’, we accept and embrace that some stories will have elements of the bizarre and ridiculous. The murderer of the Mayor’s right hand Aide might turn out to be an ancient order of chainsaw wielding ninjas posing as a cheerleading squad, and that outbreak of mime-robberies plaguing the city could be the work of a hypnotist with a crippling fear of being trapped in an invisible box. We also know that even the most tongue-in-cheek plot can provoke both excitement and pathos, because they are anchored by the characters themselves and sometimes the strangest situations can reveal the deepest truths to us about them.

In Between Are the Doors

Between things known and unknown. Some people cannot help but turn the knob. Be it a harrowed detective to saw too much, the perennially curious occultist who can't help but read the hieroglyphs out loud, or the small child who thinks it will not hurt to take just one quick peek under the bed... Although the oldest and strongest kind of fear is the fear of the unknown, there are those that step beyond mankind's greatest phobia and pry back the curtains, open those doors, and peer into the vastness of doubt and infinity. Mysteries empower this world; behind every door, around every corner, through every window there is something new waiting to be seen and discovered. You are either afraid of what awaits, or you are the one peeling back the curtain. Beware, for scrutiny of the inner workings of reality may not yield the results you crave...

The Abyss Stares Back Into You

But for all the curiosity that mankind engenders, not only in itself but even in those that are only pretending to be human, there are consequences. Digging deep into the flesh of the world, peeling it back to uncover the ugly gears that turn just to keep it in motion, has a cost. Sometimes that cost is one's very stability, one's sanity when faced with the overwhelming reality that the world just doesn't fit into the mold that we want it to. Still others pay a different cost, falling into the predations of the sick and twisted, becoming the darkness that they see. It doesn't take a supernatural occurrence to make manifest the ugly, violent truths within the collective human consciousness, and sometimes to turn into a monster the only monster you have to fight is yourself.