xxxxxWelcome to the plot page. Here you will find great things. Among them: our metaplot mission statement (sort of, that sounds super pretentious), tips for running player-run-plots, information on what you can and can't use for them, our game storytellers (both staff and not) and directions on how to get involved with current plots happening on the game.

Restricted Elements

xxxxxSave for a few elements that we are keeping for Staff use only, the vast majority of things are available for players to run plots about. Below is a list of restricted elements. This does not mean they are banned, you can still run plots with these elements in them, but you have to give us a heads up first and a little information on how you'll use them and why they're necessary (or a synopsis of your Cool Idea™). We will do our very best to get back to you with approval (or an explanation why not) as soon as possible. Delaying your fun is not the intent of this policy.
xxxxxThese lists are subject to change at times as we remove or add things to them. Please keep it always in mind when designing a plot. Keep in mind that any PRPs taken from our PRP Seeds circumvent any restrictions. As with all things, if you think we might want a say, ask first. Eldritch is not necessarily a Yes!Game, but we are undoubtedly at least a No, But!Game. Asking permission will get you a lot further than forgiveness with us, and we will make it a point to answer any inquiries promptly.

Recent Plot Scenes!

xxxxxHere will go a blurb and then below, hopefully, we'll get the DPL to pull up the ten most recent plot logs, or something.

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  • Plots involving game NPCs (e.g. councilors, high-level crime bosses, covenant leaders, basically anyone named and detailed on our wiki).


  • Angels or Spirits of Rank 3+
  • Strix
  • VII
  • Pure
  • Mages
  • Changelings


xxxxxHere at Eldritch, metaplot, lower-case M, refers to the story and stories as a whole, and how they interact, intertwine, and run parallel or even at cross-purposes with each other. We want everyone to know that their actions have consequences, but also that they have results. To that end, every story is part of the world, nothing is in a vacuum, and while a storyteller can certainly run stories for their coterie, pack, or whatever other small group, it's imperative that they cosider the ramifications and let staff know of things (especially when it comes to story elements that require pre-approval).
xxxxxMetaplot, upper-case M, is a different story. (No, we don't expect you to make the distinction when you're talking about it. Context is God.) The Metaplot refers to the story that staff and staff storytellers are trying to tell. Staff in general, and specifically plot staff, have a Plan. Yes, we have a Plan. Okay, we have part of a plan. (About 12%.)[1]. We have an overarching plan, which means we've thought a few years ahead in vague strokes, and we have a more specific plan that affects the first year of game play.
xxxxxWhile Metaplot is game-splat specific at its core, it's not exclusionary. In fact, while the plot for any given year may concentrate on a specific splat's antagonist(s), our game statement of being cross-over friendly and encouraging all types of characters to interact and involve themselves with others (and accept any consequences therein) means that it shouldn't (and won't) have any bearing on whether the other game lines can affect, interact, and participate in said Metaplot.
xxxxxAt the same time, we want to assure players that participation in the Metaplot isn't required, though the ramifications of said plot can and will affect the city as a whole, including grid squares, neighborhoods, and the state of several (some, all, none) spheres of influence. The best way to get a handle on what's going on is to participate. It's also the best way to steer large parts of the setting towards whatever ambitions a character has, or to protect whatever stakes a character has claimed. Participating only in small, player-run plots is absolutely acceptable; but Eldritch's mission statement of inclusion is delivered with the hope that this will be the exception, rather than the rule.
xxxxxBecause Demon: The Descent is the newest game line in the World of Darkness, its themes and basic premise will form the backbone of the first year of Eldritch's Metaplot. While Demons and Stigmatics will be in their home turf, it also means they will run more intrinsic risk than other splats. This is absolutely by design, and other splats will have their chance to shine. It's imperative that players remember that just because the current Metaplot doesn't focus on their splat, that doesn't mean it doesn´t have anything to do with it: everything is interconnected, after all.
xxxxxOnce the game has opened and the plots start kicking in, this page will see expansion and linking to references. This is the hub for all Metaplot news, too, so check in here often, maybe follow its updates, so that when something happens that you should know about, you can make sure that you do.
xxxxxEldritch Staff wants to welcome everyone who wants to participate in this storytelling adventure with us. We're here to have fun and stretch our storytelling abilities and talents to their limits, not just as Staff, but as players in a cooperative, improvisational storytelling environment.

  1. It's more than 11%